Ways of Tipping Dealers at the Casino

People have different opinions and practices on giving tips to dealers in casinos. There are some who give too much and there are some who do not give at all. Dealers look forward to tips since this substantially increases their income. They usually think of the amount of tips they earned as a reflection of how well they did their jobs.

Some players may think that tipping may actually affect the outcome of their game. They give big tips to the dealer thinking that the dealer has the power to make them win. This thinking is definitely not true. Dealers have no power to affect the outcome of any game. They are just there to do their jobs. What makes dealers in casinos really special and worth every dollar tip is when they are friendly, entertaining and very fast and efficient in serving the game for you.

Probably the right way to think about tipping is that it is a way to show your appreciation to the dealer that you are having a fun time in the casino. Players often tip especially when the dealer is friendly and entertaining. There are several ways of tipping dealers at the casino.

One way of tipping is to give them the tip after a session. This is pretty straightforward. What could be more favorable for them is to place a bet for them. Casino dealers are also human beings. They would surely enjoy also being part of the game. Everybody likes to win, dealers included. Placing a bet for them could spice up an otherwise boring and monotonous job.

To place a bet for the dealer, one can place the chip next to one’s own bet. It can be a smaller bet than the player’s bet. The problem with this method is that when the bet wins, the dealers sometimes take both winnings and the bet.

There is a better way of tipping that will be advantageous for both player and dealer. The player can place the bet for the dealer on top of his own bet. One can then say to the dealer that the top chip is for the dealer. Now, every time the bet wins, the dealer gets his share of the winnings. The top chip remains to be under the ownership of the player. The dealer, on the other hand, enjoys the potential of bigger winnings.

Tipping is a personal thing and the choice is entirely on the player. Just remember that dealers are also human beings. Do not be mad at them when you lose. They are just doing their job in the casino, after all. If and when they do provide good service, tipping can be a way of showing your appreciation.

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